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K9 Day Care & Education Centre is a purpose built and dedicated canine facility.

It offers dog owners across Hampshire and Surrey a Friendly, Positive approach to Canine education, Training and weekly canine care.

A fun & engaging 'home from home' environment specifically designed with the happiness, safety and well being of the dogs who spend time with the team at the day care centre.

A purpose designed 'Oasis' where dogs get to be dogs. 

With highly trained staff such as canine body language, Puppy training specialists and behaviour specialists, we can help you with all your training and behaviour needs; from simple obedience training to addressing fully developed behaviour problems in adult dogs.


Laura Head Trainer


Hello, I'm Laura King, owner and dog trainer at K9 daycare and education centre. 


Based in Grayshott, I am an experienced dog trainer and specialist in animal behaviour with over 15 years experience. 


Every day I help people and their dogs get on the right track by providing effective and practical behaviour and training advice. My work varies from running our daycare centre and specialist dog training courses to working privately with individuals to assist with their dogs behavioural issues.


No two days are the same and whether I am working with puppies or older dogs, in groups or individually, all of my training is adapted and tailored for each individual dogs needs and requirements. 

My aim is to give owners the techniques and confidence needed to develop their dogs abilities for years to come.
There is no greater Privilege than raising a dog.



We focus on positive techniques to build happy, confident dogs that know how to behave without being asked.



We help you to expand your  dog training knowledge and skills, equipping you with all you need to develop a deep working bond with your dog.


Behaviour and training sessions are run at our purposely designed daycare and training facility in Hampshire, allowing security, tranquillity and fun.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura of K9 Daycare & Education.  She is kind and professional with a huge amount of skill and knowledge managing animals; not just a dog trainer or walker, she looks after my girl, keeps her safe and understands her behaviour.  My girl loves her which I can always tell by the amount of tail wagging when she comes.

Sharon Morrow


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