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About us.

K9 Daycare & Education

Laura and her carefully selected Canine Care Team,  have created a safe, secure and engaging Doggy Day Care Centre for those owners who are looking for a caring and engaging environment for their pets to spend the day. 

Relax in the knowledge that your dog is being taken care of by not only highly qualified and specially trained staff, but by a self made loving and caring family.

HIGHLY educated staff

Large indoor & outdoor

chill out space & Gardens

Individual SMALL dog


PUPPY Gardens

Parent drop off


'School Bus' Service

Our Services


Introduction to daycare

New Day care Recruits will be offered an introductory morning to help them settle into our Day care and make new friends in the pack with lots of love and affection and careful monitoring to ensure they feel happy and safe.


Parent Drop & Collect

Mum or Dad can drop off to School!

Opening at 8.15am with a warm welcome for our dogs to attend a day filled with fun and frolics with our school day ending at 4pm.


Click & Collect
School Bus

For those that are unable to do the 'School Run', we offer a 'Click & Collect' school bus service!

A comfy and reliable way to travel to your favourite fun filled placed!

What we offer

Our purpose built site is dedicated to engaging and enriching the lives of all the dogs we take care of Monday to Friday.

We cater for all ages, all breeds and all abilities.

With our purpose built puppy & small dog gardens to our main paddock filled with climbing equipment, paddling pools, doggy bubble machines and sandpits we offer every dog the chance to run, play, relax in our indoor facility on a sofa or armchair or take a lap.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our Day care is fully licensed by the council and is fully insured, ensuring to keep up to date with any industry or licensing changes and conditions.  We pride ourselves on offering the best!

License Holder- Laura King

License no- 39218

Our Team

Our team is made up of carefully selected & highly educated dog mad people.

Each staff member if trained in canine first aid, Canine Body language and behaviour and are all level 2 or higher qualified in Canine Care and management.

Our passionate team are continuously studying and keeping up to date with industry news and training opportunities. 

So you can relax in the knowledge that your beloved pet is in very safe hands.

Ongoing support to our clients

We offer our clients the very best support & care all year round.  With our high level of training and our educational services that K9 Daycare also offers, we are on hand to help & guide our clients in all things dog!

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.


Supervised, expert care and kennel free daycare for your dog

Large indoor and outside areas for dogs to play in with activities such as tunnels, jumps and toys

Professional, highly trained staff with over a decades experience

Structured days to ensure your dog gets the exercise, rest, stimulation and socialisation they need

Training techniques centred on positive reward and a holistic approach to each dog

Puppies catered for with extra nap, meal times and training

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