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Clinic Days

Individual behaviour training for your dog using a holistic approach, practical solutions and ongoing support

In Need of Help?

Facility Based Sessions

'It is so very easy to get lost in the thoughts that your not doing something right, or you just want to manage a situation with your dog better.  My training style is to SUPPORT you as an owner and as an individual, help your dog feel heard and understood and to help make the challenges you and your dog are facing feel manageable.  I work with a great number of clients who have anxiety or feel nervous either within themselves or because of their dogs behaviour- and i pride myself on being a calm and collected support network.  If you are even thinking of asking for help, then you are on the right path and are already showing that you are a wonderful owner'. 

Home Based Sessions

Head Trainer Laura offers at home consultation and training sessions.  Meaning you don't need to travel and home based issues can be taken care of.  

Head Trainer Laura McDonald offers facility based consultation and training sessions.

Giving you complete attention and dedication to working through any issues you may be experiencing.

These sessions are based at K9 Daycare & Education ensuring you have all the space and equipment that may be needed whilst ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

Issues we can address

  • Aggression

  • Recall & lead walking issues

  • Phobias & anxiety

  • nuisance barking

  • Toilet training

  • Separation anxiety related disorders

  • Destruction inside & outside of the home

Dog Behaviour Problems can vary from dog to dog depending on their background and previous training, which is why Laura adopts a totally bespoke programme based on the needs of you and your dog. 


During your initial session, your dog’s needs and skill level will be assessed and any ongoing training needs will be identified. Laura can then advise on what training your dog will need and you can work together on the best way to deliver this.

These sessions are perfect for dogs who may not suit a class environment, for reasons such as stress, reactivity or anxiousness as a 1-2-1 session can provide a much more relaxed environment for a both dog and owner. 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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