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Qualified International Trick Dog Instructor & Evaluator Laura King regularly runs Trick Dog training courses and offers Trick Dog Evaluations for those wishing to progress in the Incredible world of Trick Training.

From Novice, up to Grand Champion, Laura can help instruct and grade on the tricks & skills needed to qualify.


  • For ALL dogs, regardless of Age, Breed or ability!

  • Encourages Relationship & Bond!

  • Creates Success...which increases Confidence!

  • Fun & Engaging for Everyone!

  • Increases obedience!

  • Low Impact & Worldwide!

  • Challenges the mind!

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I discovered Trick Training after looking for a new challenge with my Pride & Joy Flex.  I recognised how smart Flex was, and i wanted to be able to focus him whilst setting challenges.  

However, Flex sometimes showed he nervous around other dogs after being attacked by another dog and had sustained a knee injury so i knew agility was out of the question.

We found a local trick workshop & both Flex and i fell in LOVE with the process.  We qualified for our Novice, Intermediate & Advanced and are now working towards our Expert. 

Seeing the incredible benefits that Flex and i had seen through our journey, i knew i needed to share this with others and have since qualified as a Trick Dog Instructor & evaluator

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