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Image by Kitera Dent


The ability to read the subtle signs from your dog gives you great advantage in keeping them connected, balanced & safe.

Laura is a qualified Canine Body Language specialist & a Canine Body Language Instructor. 

One of the most important subjects that Laura teaches to all students whether in CBL Classes or through private dog training is the importance of a good vocabulary between dog and master.  It is not up to the dog to master the English Language but our privilege to learn the subtle language displayed through a dogs body and actions.

Laura offers and runs classes for individuals, members of the public, pet professionals such as walkers, pet sitters, kennels, fosterers, rescue centres and private groups.  

Courses are engaging and students will walk away with a huge new range of knowledge giving them a deeper insight to the meanings behind the behaviours we see in our dogs on a daily basis.

A fantastic course for those wishing to learn  more about their pet, the why's and how's behind the behaviours we see, or possibly so the pet professional or pet owner is able to read those subtle exchanges between their dogs and others, enabling them to keep their pet out of danger and out of confrontations.

Courses completed will take away a certificate and cpd points.

For private group bookings or for information on the next available course please get in touch with Laura here 

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